Cutting-Edge Technology:

You can use the latest technology right now. Here's a glimpse of what TrakTek will do for you:

  • Pinpoint exactly where your prospective customers are.
  • Track them everywhere they go.
  • Show your ads on every site with ads they visit.

Track Customers and Bring Them To Your Business

How It Works:

We set up geo-fences around specific locations where your customers will be. (Including competitors.)

TrakTek locks onto their mobile device and begins showing your ads on every site with ads they visit.

Put your offers in front of anyone, anywhere, any time!

Why You Should Use TrakTek:

Your goal is to get the right information in front of the right audience at the right time. Smartphone users check their phones 150 times per day. 

Imagine showing your ads and offers as they surf websites, social channels and apps and continue showing your ads for the life of their devices. (Cell phones, laptops and desktops!) 

TrakTek gives you an unbeatable competitive advantage!